The girl created her own unique and adorable wedding dress: here’s how it looks

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The wedding of every girl is an event of great importance in her life.

The bride should feel like a queen, a goddess, the greatest, most splendid, magnificent, and desired on her wedding day.

Her entire appearance should be enchanting. A bride like her will be appreciated and will evoke pity and affection.

Of course, the bride is always the center of attention at any wedding.

Modern fashion is quite permissive when it comes to wedding dresses and any other accessories.

However, it is preferable to ignore what is popular or not in fashion this season and instead choose a wedding dress based on personal preferences and physical characteristics.

It is not expected that the groom sees the bride’s dress before the wedding.

However, brides are often worried that if he doesn’t like her dress, the joyful mood will be ruined from the start.

The girl created her own unique and adorable wedding dress: here's how it looks

Naturally, to achieve the ideal, the bride must work on herself and start special wedding preparations at least a month and a half before.

One year before the wedding, however, a girl named Dana from Lebanon began planning. She wanted to wear a unique dress.

The girl embarked on a quest for the dress of her dreams, but she was unsuccessful. So Dana decided to create her own dress.

The young woman has always been interested in art and design. She had no trouble designing her dress and showing it to the seamstresses.

The girl chose to cover the entire dress with stones and rhinestones. And the fabric she chose was not white but champagne-colored, shimmering in the sun.

Dana made her dress in satin, tulle, and chiffon. A large group of artisans worked together to create the dress.

The girl created her own unique and adorable wedding dress: here's how it looks

The task was tedious and required a high level of precision and concentration. It took a year to complete all the sewing and stone embroidery work.

Every expectation was surpassed. The bride’s dress was magnificent, like something out of a fairy tale.

The enormous train added grandeur to the dress. The bride could feel like a true queen in such a dress.

The girl chose a veil with beautiful details bordered with satin ribbon and decorated with delicate and exquisite stitching.

This integrated very well with the decoration and details of the wedding dress. A veil that transformed into a train was provided for the solemn reception.

It was expected to add a unique grandeur to the bride’s appearance. Dana created an astonishing bridal appearance for herself.

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