Anne Hathaway’s amazing slimming tip to stay in shape at 40

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What is Anne Hathaway’s slimming secret to stay in shape after 40⁉️

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At 40, Anne Hathaway flaunts a sculpted and slender figure. The actress only becomes more beautiful with each passing year, and this is likely due to her incredibly healthy and varied diet. Let’s delve into it.

Anne Hathaway has undergone numerous physical transformations for her movie roles.

Anne Hathaway's amazing slimming tip to stay in shape at 40

Just to portray the character of Fantine in the 2012 film “Les Misérables,” the actress had to follow a very strict diet to lose more than 11 kilograms. She confessed to having eaten only “oat paste” for weeks to shed weight.

“Looking back on that experience – and I don’t judge it in any way – it was definitely a little nuts,” she later declared. “It was definitely a break with reality, but I think that’s what Fantine is anyway.”

Since then, the actress has returned to a healthy and balanced diet. However, she still has a secret to staying slim: she drinks two tablespoons of olive oil before going to bed every night.

This helps detoxify her liver, improve digestion, control her weight, and maintain beautiful skin. It’s a very simple slimming trick to adopt!

Marine Lorphelin’s trick to indulge without gaining weight ,Anne Hathaway is a fitness enthusiast

Anne Hathaway's amazing slimming tip to stay in shape at 40

Diet is not the only thing helping Anne Hathaway stay in shape. The 40-year-old actress also engages in a lot of sports, and she has been doing so for many years.

Just look at her stunts in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises to understand.

She particularly follows the 321 training method developed by celebrity fitness coach Ramona Braganza. This method includes cardio exercises, circuits, and core exercises, using resistance tools to build strength.

Anne Hathaway is also a fan of yoga, which she tries to practice as often as possible. “I’m not a natural wellness warrior. I have friends who attend longevity conferences.

They take crystal baths. For my part, I try to do yoga three or four times a week,” she revealed.

All these activities help her maintain a toned silhouette at the age of 40!

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