Kate Middleton loves this surprising sporting activity: she’s like crazy

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When it’s not her keen sense of fashion, it’s her sports passions that make headlines for the Princess of Wales! It seems that Kate Middleton’s passion for a particular activity has surprised even her husband, Prince William.

Kate Middleton is often in the spotlight due to her grace, elegance, and philanthropic efforts. However, behind this royal image is a woman passionate about rather unexpected sports activities.

Kate Middleton, a competitor at heart

Kate Middleton loves this surprising sporting activity: she's like crazy

From a young age, Kate Middleton has shown a marked interest in sports activities. In a recent interview on the podcast “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly,” the Princess of Wales mentioned the absence of school sports during her childhood, explaining that it did not prevent her from developing a strong taste for sports.

She even joked about her competitive spirit, recalling a game of beer pong she played when she was younger.

Beyond this youthful activity, the princess seems to cultivate a passion for sports in her own children, especially in her 8-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte, who engages in rugby and football.

Kate Middleton expressed her satisfaction in seeing young people, especially girls, increasingly involved in these activities.

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Kate Middleton loves this surprising sporting activity: she's like crazy

Cold-water swimming, Kate Middleton’s favorite sport

However, what surprised the public and even Prince William himself the most is Kate Middleton’s passion for… cold-water swimming! In the same interview, the princess said, “The colder the water, the better… And if it’s dark, if it’s raining. I love it.”

She admitted that this habit has reached a point where her husband even describes her as “crazy,” but despite that, she continues to enthusiastically “seek cold water.”

This surprising revelation highlights the determination and fearless character of Kate Middleton, who does not shy away from the cold and challenging weather conditions to practice her sport.

Kate Middleton loves this surprising sporting activity: she's like crazy

This unusual passion provides a fascinating glimpse into the princess’s private life and shows that behind the royal image is a woman determined to pursue her own passions.

Moreover, cold water has many benefits for the skin and blood circulation.

This passion for such an unconventional sport speaks to the unique character of the Duchess of Cambridge and her resilience in the face of, let’s say, a somewhat hostile environment!

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