Celine Dion: this detail went unnoticed on her famous wedding dress

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In December 1994, Céline Dion and René Angélil said “I do” for life. The star couple had a remarkable wedding, and, of course, the singer’s wedding dress did not go unnoticed.

It’s a love story that the whole world witnessed. Read below


Céline Dion and the late René Angélil formed an unforgettable couple, just like their wedding and the singer’s outfit, which was widely commented on at the time.

Details about Céline Dion’s wedding dress

Céline Dion and her wedding dress, worn during the highly publicized ceremony in December 1994, will remain among the most iconic moments in the celebrity world, as well as for fashion enthusiasts.

Celine Dion: this detail went unnoticed on her famous wedding dress

Thanks to Mirella and Steve Gentile, along with 1000 hours of work and a budget of 25,000 euros, Céline Dion got the princess dress she had always dreamed of.

Apart from this memorable outfit, the accessories also required great precision. Everyone remembers her enormous tiara, weighing 7 pounds – nearly 3 kilograms.

But how was it possible to keep this Swarovski crystal crown on the head of the Quebecois star? It was sewn directly onto the bride’s hair for a flawless look and easy maintenance throughout the ceremony.

A meticulous and costly job that still generates fascination and admiration today.

Céline Dion: unnoticed detail about her famous wedding dress

Celine Dion: this detail went unnoticed on her famous wedding dress

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Céline Dion, from flamboyant bride to fashion icon

While this wedding dress left a lasting impression on Céline Dion’s fans worldwide, it was only the beginning of a long journey towards fashion icon status.

Indeed, Céline Dion not only captivated the world with her hit songs but also often caught attention with her looks.

The biggest designers have dressed her, from her iconic Eurovision look to her Versace dress at the American Music Awards, not to mention her white Dior suit worn during the Oscars ceremony in 1999. Céline Dion is a reference in terms of style.

All of this without considering the excitement she creates every time she leaves a hotel.

The singer’s looks are always analyzed with precision, and each outfit speaks volumes about her, her desires, her ambitions, and what she wants to convey about herself.

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