Lady Diana at the Cannes Film Festival: a look back at an iconic look

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On May 16, 1987, Lady Diana Spencer, also known as Lady Di, made a notable appearance on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.

She’s an icon! See below

Attending as the guest of honor for the screening of the film “The Whales of August,” the Princess of Wales captivated everyone’s attention with her elegance.

Beyond her appearance, Lady Diana’s presence also held symbolic significance in the context of a tumultuous marriage and a public life constantly scrutinized by paparazzi.

At the time of her ascent of the Cannes Film Festival steps, Lady Di was amidst a media storm.

Married since 1981 to Prince Charles, the heir to the English throne, she had been the subject of numerous speculations and rumors about her marriage and private life.

Lady Diana at the Cannes Film Festival: a look back at an iconic look

The global media were fascinated by her beauty, charisma, and popularity, as well as the scandals and controversies surrounding her marriage.

The film screened that evening, “The Whales of August,” is an American drama directed by Lindsay Anderson, portraying two elderly sisters spending their summer in a seaside vacation home.

Diana Spencer, honored guest for the film screening due to her involvement in charitable works, ascended the Cannes Film Festival steps, keeping a distance from her husband, Prince Charles.

While aristocratic propriety may have dictated this distance, it transcended the confines of etiquette.

In reality, her marriage with Prince Charles was on the verge of collapse due to infidelity on both sides.

While the prince initiated a relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he had known before his marriage to the Princess of Wales, Lady Di also had an extramarital affair with James Hewitt, her horse-riding instructor.Lady Diana at the Cannes Film Festival: a look back at an iconic look


This situation had a significant impact on Lady Diana’s public life, constantly under the world’s spotlight.

The media closely followed her behavior, statements, outings, as well as her fashion choices, analyzing each of her public appearances meticulously.

At the 1987 Cannes Film Festival, Lady Di was simply dazzling, delighting the attending photographers.

In a light blue bandeau dress designed by stylist Catherine Walker, made of chiffon silk with a matching stole, the magazine Hello explained that it was inspired by the dress worn by Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock’s “To Catch a Thief.”

The day Diana Spencer ascended the Cannes Film Festival steps remains a significant event in the festival’s history and the princess’s life, occurring during a tumultuous period in her marital life with Prince Charles.

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