A 6-month-old saved his mother: how he did it


Sarah is raising their son, Teddy, with her husband, Stephen. The long-awaited little one was born last February. The delivery was successful, the boy was born healthy and weighed more than 3.5 kg.

An emotional bond was immediately established between Sarah and Teddy, which only grew stronger through breastfeeding. The woman was happy and decided to feed the little one as long as possible. But after 5 months, problems suddenly appeared.

Sarah noticed that her right breast had become smaller than the left and strange sensations appeared inside her.

The woman immediately went to the doctor, but was reassured that these symptoms are absolutely normal during breastfeeding and there is no reason to worry.

A 6-month-old saved his mother: how he did it

A month later, Teddy began refusing to eat from his right breast: he desperately resisted, screamed, cried. The woman didn’t know what to do. She returned to the specialist to see if her son’s behavior was related to breast changes.

The hospital carried out tests which showed Sarah had a cyst. But specialists on the other hand reassure that there is no longer any danger.

After calming down, she tried to feed her son with her right breast. But the boy always refused. When Teddy was 8 months old, Sarah asked for a referral for an ultrasound.

She talks to the behavior specialist about her son and his poor health over the past few months. It seemed to the woman that her son wanted to tell her about his illness.

A 6-month-old saved his mother: how he did it

The ultrasound showed that the cyst had increased in size and a biopsy was necessary. Sarah found out she had stage II cancer. In an instant, his world collapsed. Despite this, the woman thanked her son, who brought attention to the problem.

“Teddy is my hero. Without him, I would not have known about my illness for a long time. My doctor told me about the strong bond between mother and child during breastfeeding,” the woman admits.

Now the mother is undergoing treatment, her family supports her and believes that the disease will be overcome.

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