Sheila Kiss, a 63-year-old former model, is envied by young girls: the internet admires her beauty

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Modern women work hard to preserve their youth and resist aging.

Scela Kiss, an incredible 63-year-old Briton, is an exceptional example of this battle against the passage of time.

Currently, at 63, Scela Kiss is a tireless traveler who runs an extremely popular blog.

However, until her 60th birthday, this woman spent most of her life working continuously in Australia.

She was a very successful model and often walked the local runways.

Sheila Kiss, a 63-year-old former model, is envied by young girls: the internet admires her beauty

Even after the end of her modeling career, Scela never gave up the beauty principles she had always followed.

She constantly strives for physical training and maintains a healthy and balanced diet. Her passion for physical training began 32 years ago, shortly after the birth of her second child.

Since then, she has dedicated six days a week to gym workouts, each lasting two hours, and has incorporated weightlifting exercises into her routine.

Photos of the 63-year-old Briton receive many likes on social media.

The former model is admired by numerous young fans who can hardly believe her age and praise her striking beauty.

In her blog, Scela emphasizes that her beauty and youth are the result of a healthy lifestyle.


She is not a fan of aesthetic medicine and approaches supplements with caution, completely avoiding those for sports and artificial vitamin complexes.

She has never counted calories and has always eaten abundantly, a aspect that fascinates her followers greatly.

For her, maintaining a certain weight has never been a priority, as she believes that health and fitness are more important than looking slim.

“I prefer to look athletic and fit,” she said.

It should be noted that Scela Kiss surprisingly revealed that many of her young fans, often not older than 20, behave casually on her social media and even go so far as to ask her out on dates.

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