She gathers 11 trisomic children for a photo session

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Most chromosomal disorders are Down syndrome.

Due to a lack of understanding, many people misunderstand Down syndrome, despite its prevalence.

They have abilities, emotional intelligence, and social contributions.

Julie Wilson, a talented photographer, knows that Down syndrome can be beautiful. Why? Because her sister, Dina, had Down syndrome.

Growing up with a sibling like hers has shaped her photography.

She gathers 11 trisomic children for a photo session

Julie, a professional photographer based in New Jersey, wants to portray trisomic children as she sees them: talented, intelligent, and beautiful.

Julie hopes that her photos will establish that these young individuals have a genetic condition.

However, each one has a distinct, amazing, and fascinating personality.

Julie wants to dispel the myth that Down syndrome is deadly. Trisomic families can be joyful.

It helps individuals realize that they can be educated and trained for the real world.

She gathers 11 trisomic children for a photo session

Several companies hire people with Down syndrome because of their talents and abilities.

Dina, Julie’s beloved sister, passed away from heart failure six years ago. Julie now has something to remember her lovely sister by.

Her heartfelt project pays tribute to her charming sister. Julie’s images represent her purpose.

The photos of the 11 trisomic youths will warm your heart. They are adorable, talented, and amazing!

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