Little angel with blue eyes: Julia Roberts’ beautiful daughter looks nothing like her mother

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The little nymph is truly exceptional.

In 2021, Julia Roberts’ only daughter, Hazel Moder, made a stunning appearance on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, leaving everyone speechless.

Although she opted for a simple, makeup-free look, Hazel managed to capture everyone’s attention with her natural beauty and innate elegance.

She wore a loose, light sand-colored dress that reached her knees and black sandals with a sparkling buckle.

What stood out the most was her decision to appear without makeup, highlighting her radiant skin and delicate features.

Little angel with blue eyes: Julia Roberts' beautiful daughter looks nothing like her mother

This young woman, now eighteen years old, shows that she prefers an authentic and uncomplicated beauty style.

Looking at her, her remarkable resemblance to her father, the talented cinematographer Daniel Moder, is hard to miss.

Hazel has inherited thin eyebrows, beautiful blue eyes, and blonde hair from her father’s family.

However, it is evident that her angelic smile and delicate nose were inherited from her mother, the unforgettable protagonist of “Pretty Woman.”

Little angel with blue eyes: Julia Roberts' beautiful daughter looks nothing like her mother

Hazel’s debut in the world of celebrities sparked great curiosity and admiration.

Many wonder if she will follow in her famous parents’ footsteps in show business.

For now, we can only be fascinated by her unique beauty and look forward to the paths she will take in her promising career.

One thing is for sure: Hazel Moder is an extraordinary young woman, blessed with enchanting beauty and timeless elegance.

She will undoubtedly continue to be a fascinating and admired presence in the entertainment industry, proudly carrying her family’s name with talent.

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