Grandmother hated her granddaughter’s puppy until the unexpected happened

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When Annabel Camp found a skinny puppy on the side of the road in an American state, she didn’t know that her discovery would lead to a series of events in which two lives would be saved.

The girl named the dog Mason and brought him home to care for him.

However, her grandmother, with whom Annabel lives, strongly opposed the new family member and told her granddaughter to remove the animal from the house.

Grandmother hated her granddaughter’s puppy until the unexpected happened.

“I convinced my grandmother to let me keep the puppy for at least a week until there was a foster family ready to take him in,” recalls the young American.

However, seven days later, new owners could not be found. Therefore, the young girl had to transfer the dog to the charitable organization The Humane Society.

From there, the dog ended up in a pet hotel waiting for a family to take him home.

Grandmother hated her granddaughter's puppy until the unexpected happened

But then the unexpected happened. Mason fell ill and was sent to the hospital.

“When I found out my dog was sick, I was hysterical and took it upon myself to persuade my grandmother to let him into the house, promising her that the animal would not cause her any problems. Reluctantly, my grandmother agreed,” Annabel said.

Thanks to the care of the girl, the dog quickly recovered. But the grandmother was very unhappy with the new tenant.

The dog was not allowed to have any contact with the elderly woman, and he was not allowed to walk in the common hallway.

“That night, I woke up with Mason standing on my bed, barking loudly in my face. I immediately suspected that something was wrong.

After all, my dog really likes to sleep. I jumped out of bed. The dog looked at me as if to say ‘follow me.'”

Grandmother hated her granddaughter's puppy until the unexpected happened

He rushed into the hallway where he was not allowed to go and ran straight into the grandmother’s room.

Annabel found her in the bathroom, lying on the floor, unconscious. And Mason was licking her face and whimpering,” the girl said.

The fact is that Annabel’s grandmother suffers from a heart condition. For this reason, she periodically loses consciousness.

And if she is not helped in time, she could die. Thanks to the dog’s vigilance, the granddaughter was able to provide the necessary assistance to her grandmother, and everything ended well.

Since then, the elderly woman’s attitude toward the dog has changed.

“Now she pets him when she sees him, which she never did before. I’m sure my grandmother loves him in her own way,” says Annabel.

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