A 65-year-old woman became the mother of four babies, and here’s what they look like now

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After Annegret Raunigk from Germany had worked most of her life as a foreign language teacher, she retired.

With plenty of free time on her hands, the mother of thirteen suddenly realized she wanted another child.

The fact was that her youngest daughter, Leila, was already 9 years old at that time, and the woman wanted to hear a baby laugh again and take its first steps in life.

To feel like a mother for the 14th time, a 65-year-old retiree decided to give it a try with medical assistance.

A woman in Germany didn’t dare to undergo such procedures at her age, so Annegret went to one of the clinics in Ukraine in 2014.

A 65-year-old woman became the mother of four babies, and here's what they look like now

After a series of analyses, the experts set a date for the upcoming event. All procedures were completed, Annegret became pregnant, and returned home to Berlin.

It became clear that instead of one baby, four would be born simultaneously! And this news made the woman at least four times happier.

She immediately rushed to delight her eldest by sending them a photo of the ultrasound result.

In 2015, Annegret gave birth to quadruplets – three boys and one girl.

The family addition came earlier than expected, so the children spent several months in the clinic before settling into their cozy beds in their rooms.

Annegret became a mother of four children at such an advanced age and instantly became a local celebrity.

A 65-year-old woman became the mother of four babies, and here's what they look like now

Film crews from major TV channels were present at most of the family’s vacations with the “young” mother.

Annegret realizes that with so many children, an apartment would be too small for the family, so she moves to a spacious provincial house.

Today, Annegret is already 70 years old, her oldest son is 49, and the youngest quadruplets are five years old.

Annegret often gives interviews where she says that her children help her stay young and beautiful. With them, she feels 40 years younger.

The woman has seven grandchildren, three of whom are roughly the same age as her children.

They often go for walks in the park together and visit entertainment centers. Would you dare to have quadruplets at 65?

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